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Several years ago I did the HCG Diet. It was the worst mistake I could have made as I began trying to get back in shape. I weighed 234 pounds when I started and the immediate results were great. I lost 16 pounds the first 3 weeks. I fit into my clothes better and people definitely noticed the results.

While I do think the HCG Diet can help you lose weight I am not sure exactly how profound of an effect it actually has. After I did the HCG diet I am a firm believer that the best way to lose weight will always be eating healthy and exercising.

My wife ate a similar diet as I did while I was doing HCG and she lost 7 pounds during the same timeframe. Eating healthy was the key to her success and if I would have just followed the diet without the injections I would probably have had similar results.

If you are looking into the HCG Diet, think about it carefully. Initially, it helped me lose weight and feel better, but after I was done I quickly gained it all back. I don’t think there is an easy way out for weight loss. It takes hard work and determination, with the right nutrition. Being overweight is such a burden I completely understand wanting to get out of the situation quickly. The quick fixes will not last, and although it is very cliche, the only method that works is to change your lifestyle and slowly get back on track.

Good luck in whatever approach you take. Losing weight is a long hard process and there is not an easy solution. It takes time and effort to lose weight, but it can be done.