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Wow. This video is incredible and shows just how easy it should be to lose weight. I love how he breaks down this video and explains the science of exercise. It really hit home for me and was presented in a way that I can relate to.

Check out the video and you can see my thought about it below after you have watched it:

I know I am overweight and I know there are simple things that I can do to break the cycle and lose the weight. The questions is, “why haven’t I done it and why am I still not doing it?”

Working out for 30 minutes every day should not be difficult. That is not a lot of time for me to invest in my future. I have several excuses that I could reel off right now as to why I don’t have the time to workout everyday, but at the end of the day they are just excuses. Yes, I am busy. I have three kids, an amazing wife, a great job, several hobbies that I enjoy and some service for my church that occupies my time. These are all great things that I love, but they are also the excuses I have been using for why I don’t workout as often as I should.

When it comes down to it, and when I am completely honest with myself, I am too lazy to workout like I need to. The things I love that keep me busy are not keeping me from working out, it is my internal drive that is keeping me from working out. I have always reasoned with myself that it is okay that I am overweight because I have filled my life up with good things, I am happy and I am busy. This can not be the case any longer. I need to break the cycle for myself and help others around me realize that we will be better off taking the time to exercise. Not only will we feel better, we will be able to do the things we love much more efficiently.

My family will be happier because they will have an active father and husband that has the energy to do what we want to do. I will be able to participate again in some of the hobbies that I love like Skiing, Soccer and Basketball. My productivity at work will increase because I will be alert and aware.

The viscous cycle I am in is frustrating. I don’t feel like have the energy to workout because I am not working out. When I workout I have energy and focus and that is missing in my life right now. It is tough to get up the energy to start working out when I don’t have that energy and focus, but it is time that I force myself to get active again so that I can regain that energy and focus in my life and push for a healthier me!